The Best A Man Can Get

What do you think the best a man can get? Living a super rich life which he owns luxurious houses, expensive cars, and a dream job everybody wants? Do you think it will be having a nice little family to take care of, working on his passion, and getting a cool hang-out friends whenever he needs? Or maybe just lying in bed, playing computer games, and occasionally doing a bit of work?

Well, those all may be the best things a man can get. But can he get all of those for granted? Pretty sure Michael Adams does. And because of doing so, he is about to lose it all.

Michael Adams, a man and also a father, is living a double life. He escapes from the reality of becoming a father of 2 kids (soon to be 3) and lives his life doing works his passionate about, as a music composer. His little family stays in a downtown while he shares room with his two friends in the city. He stays in the city while doing a freelance work for a music company. He goes back to his little family mostly on the weekend to see his children. His life in the city seems perfect, to the fact that he hides his marriage relationship. He let the world knows as if he is single. He earns a bunch of cash with free time he manages by himself. His friends usually ask him to accompany them meeting sexy girl and all in the pub and he surely enjoys it. Until someday his secret life is about to be revealed.

Well, John O'farrell explains how a man is supposed to do when his life is hanging by a thread. Should he pick his families over work or the other way around? So, when Michael Adams life is at stake, will he sacrifice one his life to save the other one? Find out yourself by checking it out with your own eyes.


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