Currently Watching [KDrama - Cheese In The Trap]

I was not interested in webtoons until dramabeans talked about the production process of KDrama Cheese in The Trap. I then looked a bit to the webtoon to have a knowledge about the story. I was not really understand till the drama aired.

Turns out, I so much like the drama. I know the story in the drama adjust pretty much to let the audience understand more about the story. The casts are so good. Every character fit and deliver the role perfectly. I can see the anxious-yet-plucky vibe of Seol and a cold-unreadable of Jung (not to mention the light campus drama atmosphere that makes me want to go back to college again! *Should I?*). I found myself enjoying the ambiguity of the ulterior motive hidden in each characters. Now, how about everybody say cheeeeeeeeeese! ;)


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