New Year, New Hope!

Woah, it's 2016 already! So, all the assumptions about the ending of everything wasn't true because we're still here, living in the beautiful earth. We'd better take a good care to our home before it's too late, hadn't we?

Well, let's just cut the crap, dear self! You don't want to hear somebody preach you in the beginning of the year, do you? ;)

New year means new hope. In this new year I usually make a list on what I want to do or achieve. Some of them did come true. Some of them leave as a written promise that can't be fulfilled. For 2016, I've written some of my personal achievement to be unlocked on my dream board in my room. So, every time I get back home I'm always reminded of things I have to work hard on.

I've made a promise with my dearest dance floor soulmate to create something meaningful to us (I'll let you know and post about it once it's done). We hope that we can do it regularly as a monthly work. To spare some time from our busy schedule won't hurt much, yes?

I've made a promise with myself to keep on dancing (regularly), to exercise weekly, to travel more and to always write my journey of feelings in this blog so you won't be neglected for over than a month, yes. (finger crossed)

Okay, so have you written down your resolution yet?


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