Green Canyon, When Nature Strikes Your Heart The Most!

To end 2015 start 2016, I'd like to share my journey to Green Canyon Pangandaran with my besties. We have an urge to share our time together somewhere nice and beautiful as we are always (like always) busy with our work that we did not have a time to even hang out regularly these days. We happened to bump into this (very) affordable travel partner that allow us to go to Green Canyon, Pangandaran during the weekend in October 2015.

We went late at night so we spent overnight on the bumpy road. The road was basically bumpy that my friend hardly slept yet I was still asleep and didn't care that much about the road. In the early morning, we stopped by a restaurant to fuel up our stomach as the travel coordinator said we would go directly to have our soul and mind wet in green canyon body rafting. Yippie!

I must say the body rafting was suuuuuuper fun! The water was so clear and bright. The combination of green sight together with the fresh air made the journey to the body rafting spot more enjoyable. I could feel the breeze twirled my hair and gently rub my bare face. I feel at peace. I think of nothing but the mother earth that has been so nice giving a beautiful place for us human to live lively. I was grateful to witness such a beauty in a closer look.

We headed back to the inn near to the West Beach of Pangandaran. We clean our body and rest a bit before having a good time by the beach watching over sunset. Afterwards, eating seafood was a must since we're in a place where fresh seafood was sold.

The next day, we woke up early to have the last body rafting in Citumang and and see Batu Karas Beach. I must say Citumang was waaaay more beautiful. The color of the water was green (or tosca) with such a beautiful rock lined up at the edge of the headwaters. I pulled up my brave to jump over the rock with no more than 2 meters high. I closed my eyes and held my friend arm before jumping just to feel safe underwater. I would say the feel was amazing. The first time my whole body feel the fresh cold underwater was terrifying yet wondrous. By the time I raised the head to the surface I felt amazing.

It was such a remarkable journey to be done with closest friends. The unfortunate event was my friend's phone was dead after we used it several time underwater although we used underwater phone case. Too bad almost all great photos were there so I could not share much here. Nevertheless, I have stored all the beauty in the folder inside my memory. :)


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