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I found out about Jakarta Broadway Team's planning on putting a show in Graha Bakti Budaya at the end of January. I asked my friends to come along with me to watch their performance. To be honest, I've never watched any musical live show besides Into The Woods before. I guessed this would be another experience to broaden my mind when watching such a show.

Touching down Jakarta after a quick getaway in Ambon rushed me to be on time. I really didn't want to miss this performance just because I was feeling tired coming up from my holiday. Thanked God I arrived before time that I had a spare time to catch my breath before the show started.

The first time the curtain was opened, I was wowed by the glamour costumes. I thought they must be tried their hardest preparing the costumes for the shows. And they surely nailed it. As a fan of dances -Hiphop, Jazz, Ballroom, you name it-, my eyes were totally indulged by the choreography. The basic love story; meet new people, befriend, like each other, go out together, be in a relationship, break up, and meet new people again. They acted, danced, sang beautifully in every part of the story. They also delivered Indonesians' slank (or should I say Jakartans' slank) humor.

I was enjoying every seconds of the show. I came out of theater smiling and feeling satisfied for every penny I paid for the show. I think people should make more of this. It is even better if they can make it regularly. Because I support local (Indonesian) talents. :)


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