If you happen to travel to Ambon, you might want to try The Natsepa Resort & Convention Center. Although it is located far away from the city center, you can still feel the beauty of scenery. It's a 4 stars hotel which has a beautiful view in the back because it is situated by the beach. I don't really know about the price but I think it's worth the price since you'll get so much beautiful view during your stay.

Choose the room which has view to the pool and ocean (2nd or 3rd floor are recommended). The room is clean and spacious yet minimalist. That counts to your quality of sleep. Wake up early to get Ambon freshness air the first time you open up your window. Walk through your veranda and breath as much fresh air as you can. I suggest you to enjoy your time on your veranda before swimming. Glance slowly at the coconut trees, bright skies, light brown sand, and blue sea. You'll find yourself at peace. It's also a perfect place to contemplate or write down what is inside your head. Then you are welcomed to cool off in the outdoor pool and relax with a beverage at the poolside bar. Indulge your eyes with mountain in one end and sea in the other end while swimming. 

The weakness is that the hotel needs some work here and there. Some of the property are in need of good coat of paint and new furniture. The restaurant still needs an improvement. The food taste is mediocre. Unfortunately, they only serve Indonesian and Chinese dishes. But, I like the interior and decorations. I prefer breakfast to dinner because there are various kind of food served during the breakfast.

Overall, I think this is quite a nice place to have a relaxing holiday. Next time I visit Ambon, I will try Dive Center near the hotel. Psst, they say the Diving Center service is excellent.


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