Killers (2014)

Actually I knew nothing about this movie until someone I followed on twitter mentioned it. I searched what this movie was about and was eager to see the trailer. Found out that it was the latest movie from The Mo Brothers. Ah, The Mo Brothers had been the one whom everybody kept talking about since their first movie Rumah Dara hit the cinema back in 2009. Now, they had made more sadistic movie, Killers.

Killers was about Nomura, a serial killer based in Tokyo who uploaded his videos of his kills to the internet and Bayu, a disgraced journalist who was trying to expose somebody's wrack in Jakarta. The two of them met occasionally through the internet after Bayu killed the men trying to assault him in the taxi and uploaded the video to the site where Nomura constantly showed off his latest kills. The plot began to raise.

Joining Killers movie screening with MovigoersID, I watched it on Sunday (2/9) at Blitzmegaplex. I must say Killers have it all: great casts, stunning cinematography, brutal story, awesome scoring, and sadistic scenes. All you can see in 2 hours 17 minutes running time. There were times when I had to cover my face with my hand because of the sadistic scenes I couldn't handle. But, there were also moments when I unconsciously saying "shit!", "damn" or "fuck" whenever I remembered how bleak the movie was. Still, I found myself relaxed when the dark humor in the middle of intense moments showed.

If you haven't got a chance to watch Killers, maybe you SHOULD definitely spare some time to see realistic savageness and torture with your own eyes. :)



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