Bad Days Turn Into....

You know exactly you are having a bad day when you start your day by cleaning up two different feces. No matter how hard you try to have positive mind or positive attitude, the universe won't let things slide into a good one.You just have to deal with it. Face it. Until it's all gone by the end of the week. And you know for sure that you have a good happy ending by Sunday.

That's what I went through last week. My special students tested my patience the whole week. I was having a flu as the week started and lost my voice by the end of the week. I just felt that it was so unfair for all the bad things coming to me at the same time. In addition, I got two observation days from one of my student's therapist when I had no voice.

The bad things then changed into slightly a better one when I joined free trial Hiphop class at Yovell Dance Studio (3rd floor of Restaurant Sulawesi, South Kemang). I released all of my tension, all negativity, through dancing. I felt good afterwards even though my voice had not come back yet. My dance floor soul-mate told me I had to take medicine to get my voice back. Truthfully, I'm not a kind of drugs person. I barely take any kind of medicine whenever I'm having cold, cough, or headache. Well, I only take painkiller just to deal with my stomachache (and that's not counted, right? RIGHT?)

So, the next day I went to drug store and found out that the name of medicine to get my voice back was Lameson. Lame son? Don't kid me. It should be Lame daughter as I was not able to take care of my own throat. Ha..ha.. (faded laugh). Moreover, I joined Aerobic and light pilates in the noon. Sweating was one habit to keep my mind and body work.

 The best day was yet to come. On Sunday, I worked during brunch time and finished by afternoon. I managed to come to Blitzmegaplex Grand Indonesia to watch #TheKillers movie together with Moviegoers crew, Screen Savers ID crew, and #TheKillers cast and crew (Oka Antara and Mo Brothers). To find out that I was in the same studio with Oka Antara, Mo Brothers, Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhiyan made me speechless. Awesome dudes surrounded me during movie screening. The last but not least, I got The Killers poster (Japanese version) with Kazuki Kitamura and Rin Takanashi sign on it. OMG! I couldn't wish for better day (or should I said best day) to end the week. The one I regret was I came alone so nobody could take picture of me with those awesome dudes. But, it was okay. I had visualized the event and put it in my long term memories so whenever I get bad days, I will take the memories back  to remind me how bad days would turn into a good one in the end... :)


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