Into The Woods

Last Sunday, I went to Music Republicain to see my fellow ballroom dancer performed musical-theater kind of thing, titled "Into The Woods". He let himself auditioned for this performance 3 months ago. He got a role for The Wolf/Mysterious Man. Into something musical was what he had dreamt of. You know from watching Edward The Scissor hands and Phantom of The Opera, he had first developed a love of performing arts. So, getting a role in a musical-theater performance was like a dream came true for him.

I've never seen any musical theater performance live before. So, it was like a new experience for me. I first saw Glee, and I kinda liked it. Hearing that the performance would be a bit like Glee and that I would like so to see it confirmed me to buy its ticket. It was true! I sooooooo much liked it. I liked the props, casts, stories, make ups, dialogues, lights, sounds, and some of the songs. I was in love with the director, Keith Allerton, who happened to be Cinderella's Prince. He had this signature pose when he ended his sentence. He was so funny!

Into The Woods is actually a musical by Stephen Sondheim that premiered on Broadway in 1987 (I wasn't even born yet hihi..). The musical has won several Tony Awards and intertwines the plots of several Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales. The story is based on "fairy tales". Yet, it's far cry from just a "children's show". The stories were a mix of Cinderella, The Little Red Riding Hood, Tangled, Jack and The Bean's Stalk, and The Baker. The play had many hidden messages that speak to adults in may ways.

I think this kind of performing arts was great to be seen on weekend. I feel fresher and recharger after seeing it. :)

discussing how to fight The Giant
Jack, Little Red, Cinderella, and The Baker wish to live happily ever after ;)

with The Wolf/Mysterious Man

1) I found myself humming the signature tune, "Into The Woods" as I left the theater. :p
2) No matter what The Witch said, "Children will listen". :)


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