Ambon Manise

I remembered how I turned myself in going to Ambon. It was before dawn when my dad called me asking whether I've taken shower and prepared to school or not. Geez! Dad, it wasn't even 5 a.m in Jakarta when you called me. He asked me how was school among other things. Sleepily, I said it was okay. Well, basically he just wanted to let me know (a.k.a showed me off) that he was in Ambon with her rarely-met-sister. As usual I was like "Whaaaaat? Me want to be there either." Usually, Dad would excuse either that he had busy schedule or that I should be thinking about school and work well. Surprisingly this time he asked me to come the following weekend with my brother. Without any doubt, I said yes.

I flew to Ambon with my brother last weekend. We both were so happy for having a weekend getaway in the middle of our busy schedule. I hardly meet my brother because neither him nor me stay at home. We started to live independently by the time we entered high school. So, this could be a good chance for both of us to spend the weekend as brother and sister (we used to fight regularly at home).

After long tiring night of flight (don't ask me how the bad weather our plane went through had successfully made me stay awake during the night), we were welcomed by gloomy dark sky in Ambon. Why Ambon? Why? I expected for clear blue sky with bright clouds (cumulus) the first time I gazed my eyes to Ambon's Landscape outside airport. I thought it was true that expectations lead to disappointment.

We didn't see much in the first day we stayed in Ambon. A lot of tall-green trees, windy road, grey sky were all I saw on the way to the place we stayed. Nothing much compare to Jakarta besides its fresh air and sea-side view from your right car window pane. What amazed me was the place we stayed, The Natsepa Resort and Conference Center. I didn't know that this amazing resort existed here where all I could hear was clash and conflict from this city.

It was all paid off the last day (yes, we were spending only 2 days in Ambon. I know there was not enough time to explore. But, still...). I could see cumulus clouds, sun flares, and blue sky. All together made a perfect picturesque view. Ambon's beauty lies within its natural landscape.

Setting my foot in Ambon made me realized how big my country is. The more I explore Indonesia, the more I want to know its cultural diversity. I promise myself to come back here to explore more..


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