I'm a big big fan of Park Shin Hye. I've been seeing most of her drama and movies just to see her acting skills. She is truly an amazing young actress. She has worked her ass off in kdrama industries since she was teen. To see her acting skills shine and mature is what I want. And, she deserves it.

After watching The Heirs and I Hear Your Voice last year, I wonder if Park Shin Hye gets a role together with Lee Jong Suk in a drama. I wish to see both of them together in scenes. Actually, I have made wishes about Park Shin Hye acts together with several of hot famous Korean actors such Kim Soo Hyun, Jo In Sung, So Ji Sub, and Jo Sang Wook.

Nearly the end of last year, I was so excited to see that (one of ) my wishes came true. It was when I saw the trailer of Pinocchio at the end of My Lovely Girl episodes. I wonder what kind of role Park Shin Hye would take together with Lee Jong Suk.

Pinocchio answers my wish. PSH's acting is more mature. She delivers it very well. She plays as an aspiring reporter who has Pinocchio Syndrome. Actually, I haven't heard of Pinocchio Syndrome before. But if I remember, Pinocchio story tells about someone whose nose grows longer every time he lies. In this drama, the one who has Pinocchio Syndrome will start to hiccup every time she tells a lie. So, I was thinking about she will grow her nose (?) every time she lies. (silly me)

The story was so fresh and interesting taking a reporter's life. The main problem was whether the one who has Pinocchio Syndrome could be a reporter or not. I mean, being a reporter when people know whether you are delivering the truth or not, would be really hard.

I can say Park Shin Hye did a great job in Pinocchio. I was believe that she has a real Pinocchio Syndrome every time she hiccups when she tells a lie. Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye) was so pure and true. She sometimes silly but she always seeks for the truth (as she can not lie). And Lee Jong Suk? Well, I don't even question about LJS acting anymore as I have seen enough his skills in School 2013 and I Can Hear Your Voice. He's quite a gem. Eventhough I do not fancy him (sorry). The partnering between PSH and LJS really make a great team. Not to mention that the additional casts helps Pinocchio better.

The problems in Pinocchio were not merely about how reporters deliver the good and bad news. It was more than that. It was about family, revenge, friendship, anger, conspiracy, love, regret, and truth. I bet you want to see it yourself rather than me giving any spoiler here, no?

I'm honestly a little upset knowing that Pinocchio has end already. I will surely miss Choi In Ha and Choi Dal Po (Lee Jong Suk) appearances together on screen weekly. Well, I am hoping another good great drama would be taken the slot after Pinocchio and for the rest of 2015. Here's a cheers to more great Kdrama!

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