Adventure Girls in Lotte World (#KoreaTrip Day 5)

Gosh, it's the second month of 2015 and I still owe you stories of my last trip to Korea. Tsk.

So, the fifth day we were going to Lotte World. Another theme park Alice asked me to have a visit because she is such an adventure girl. She loves thrilling activities for sure. She had been telling me all about Lotte World years before she invited me to South Korea. It was definitely a place I shouldn't miss to visit, she said. So, there I went on my 5th day in Korea.

My body showed symptoms of being tired, yet my spirit covered it very well. We left a bit late today because we thought that we would had more time than Everland (and defnitely having more time to rest our body). We took bus from Alice's apartment. It's quite far so we managed to have a nap (yes, another resting our body) in the bus.

Once we arrived, I was in awe seeing such a big amusement park inside and outside a building. Alice snapped my wondering back into reality by taking me to The Conquistador, the Spanish Pirate Ship. OMG, Alice! Seriously. She didn't waste much time to serve her needs of thrilling. She even asked me to sit at the rear end seats because she's such an extreme thrill seeker. I couldn't imagine how bad my face would look as I was trying to get a grip on anything just because I felt like I could die even if I know it was safe. Haha, such a weaklings I was. :p

We wanted to see the panoramic adventure of Sinbad in The Adventure of Sinbad. Unfortunately, it was close due to maintenance. So, we went to ride a Bumper Car. I needed to calm down my nerves by riding a happy ride. She agreed and took me to Bumper Car.

Then, she lead me to Magic Island where there were many thrilling attractions by World Monorail (a sky train that would take us a trip around Lotte World) so we didn't have to walk. We enjoyed our time inside World Monorail by sightseeing. Lotte World is indeed huge with colorful attractions and so much people to see.

She brought me to Gyro Drop. And I was like jaw-dropping seeing how high it was. It's a free fall attraction that started from a 70 meters height. Geez. My body was shaking hard when I lined up. On the other hand, Alice was so excited. She showed her excitingly cutie face. Seeing her excitements gave a relaxation to my body. I still felt a bit nervous yet I was trying to calm down. Whatever would be, would be. It was just an attraction among other attractions and I was gonna be okay. Once in my life, I had to overcome my fear, I thought.

I COULDN'T TELL YOU HOW MUCH FUN IT WAS RIDING A GYRO DROP! I think you should try it by yourself to know how it feels. It was the fastest falling I've ever had in only 2 seconds. Yeah, it was that fast. I was breathless. All I can remember was there was a slight feeling of my body defying gravity. My butt was not touching the seat while I was falling. GOSH! The feeling I would always remember. A great feeling.

As my adrenaline was rushing, I was seeking for another thrill. Thrill of sudden fall. I couldn't take Gyro Drop (again!) because the line was even crazier. So, I asked Alice to be my company in trying Bungee. Bungee is another fall attraction just like Gyro Drop, in smaller scale. It would fall from a height of 38 meters at the speed of 90km/h. It was almost the same like Gyro Drop. The difference was only it didn't over in one fall. It would repeat its falling for 30 seconds. Wouldn't it be fun? When you think the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach is over, you're actually wrong. You'll gonna experience the same feeling over and over again until it definitely stops. Ha!

We didn't have time to eat lunch. We just ate light snacks which most of them were Korean traditional snacks and drank so much water. We started to line up again for Atlantis. Atlantis line up was even crazier. So, we were curious as to what we're going to face. We could hear people's faded screaming. We spent so much time in lining up for Atlantis. I didn't know why it attracted people. I came to know the answer after I rode it.

Atlantis was a combination of roller coaster and flume ride. When you think riding a roller coaster was thrilling much, I think you have reconsider your thought. Because Atlantis changed my perspective of how a roller coaster should be. The ultimate speed Atlantis offers from start to end was super great. I even couldn't open my eyes for a bit just because I couldn't handle the swift wind. It gave me a new sensation. Just three words for, YOU SHOULD TRY!  It was the best moment I've experienced in riding an upgraded roller coaster.

In the mean time, we tried The Comet Express, Pharaoh's Fury, Flume Ride, French Revolution, and Jungle adventure. The Comet Express was a comet flying though dark space kind of ride. The rotating 360 degrees seat was making me feel nauseous afterwards. Yet it was quite fun seeing the outer space in closer look. Pharaoh's Fury was an actual jeep driving inside a pyramid to experience an adventure of Egyptian journey. It was kind of family rides with so much animations to see. Flume Ride was a boat ride in the Dinosaurs era. At the end, the boat plunged in the water fall that made you wet all over your body if you're lucky enough. French Revolution was a roller coaster ride. What made French Revolution more exciting was it's rotating 360 or even up to 540 degrees at full speed with near-crash surrounding buildings. We ended it by riding Jungle Adventure, a jungle boat swept by swirling rapids.

As we got home, Alice's grandmother was preparing us a fried rice kimchi for our late dinner. It was super delicious. I can't even forget the taste. Even sometimes I crave for more. Mwihi..


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