Beautiful Nami (#KoreaTrip Day 6)

As dream is over when you wake up, my days in Korea was coming to an end. I still have 2 days left which means I still have 2 more stories to share to all of you. So, easy breezy my dear friends. These 2 days left still have memorable stories to be written. ;)

I spent the 6th day in Korea beautifully. If you fancy Korean Drama, then you must aware of Naminara or so called Nami Island. Yep, yep. I went to Nami Island with Alice and her mom. I really wanted to go to Nami long time before Alice invited me to just because I wanted to see and feel how it be to be in such a beautiful island.

We left early after stuffing our tummy with well-eaten breakfast. Seriously, Alice's mom never fails to make delicious Korean breakfast every morning. I wonder what time she wakes up to prepare all yummy food. When I wake up, it has already nicely served on the table. Yay!

Okay, back to Nami Island. Nami island is 63 km away from Seoul. It is famous for its beautiful lined-tree roads. When we hit the immigration services, I could find many tourists, including Indonesian, queued up to get boarding tickets. The sales ticket officer even asked for my nationality and when he knew I was Indonesian, he said "Selamat Pagi. Apa kabar?". Woah, I was speechless. He said that many Indonesian tourists had come visited Nami Island. That's why he was aware of greetings said by Indonesian. :)

The weather on that day was quite nice. Warm sunlight appeared to make us warm, yet the cold wind stroke us hard once we boarded on the boat. Couples, lovers, and families all were packed in a boat enjoying the beautiful green view. I noticed there were people who flew to Nami Island using Zip Wire. It was cool and fast, I thought. And definitely pricey for such a safety equipment.

Arriving in Nami Island, I was so speechless admiring its beauty here and there. Everywhere I gazed, I could only look beauties. Green leaves were turning yellow and clear blue skies were covering up. I felt the warm ambiance surrounded myself. It definitely felt like home although they were all strangers to me.

What made me wonder was there were no telephone poles nor electric wires as my eyes gazing through Nami Island. I was afraid I couldn't updated my social media. Doh! Fortunately, Alice told me that all poles electric wires were built underground so it wouldn't bother the natural feeling of the island. How nice.

We spent the afternoon strolling around Nami. I found out that Nami offers wide range of activities. There are galleries, performance halls, small theater gardens, seminar rooms, restaurants, ATM center, bike rental, money exchange, hotel, resort villas and bungalows. I saw water-sports facilities for motorboats and water skiing. Woah, Nami Island was packed with complete facilities yet it beauty still shone.

I myself couldn't describe how beautiful Nami was. The landscape was picturesque and instagram-able I could spend the rest of my day just lying on the green grass looking at the clear blue skies. The time seemed stop for a moment for me to embrace all the beauties Nami offered. It was eternal. The memories of Nami would be in my heart for ever.


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