The Heirs

I was a kind of person who like TV series with either full of actions or thoughtful narrations. Korean Drama was never included in my top 10 must-watch TV series before I die. Okay the part 'before I die' was just too much. I didn't know when was exactly I felt for Korean Drama. Sure all thanks goes to Alice (my Korean private student) who showed much of her interests about Korean Drama and my weak defense-self to resist it. HA!

Now, I'm gonna share one of my latest favorite korean drama, THE HEIRS. I think some of you might have heard about The Heirs. Cause every teenage girls and early adult women talk about it much, no?

I didn't have any strong intention at first to watch it. I was watching Master's Sun because of So Ji Sub. When it came to an end, there was a trailer of the following drama that would be aired right after Master's Sun. The trailer captivated my eyes. The time it ended, I told myself to watch it. I HAD TO! So, from October 9th until December 12th I devoted my time and internet data to watch The Heirs weekly. No matter how busy I was, I definitely made some time. Even if it was midnight.

The story was so simple and light. It was about high school students love life. Yet, the money came up in the middle to be mattered. What I like most were the casts and the dialogues. The casts represented the dialogues in a well-mannered. Punch-lined were put at its best time. The casts looked flawless, too. Oh not forget about Hollywood scene. I was like whooaaa for the first episode as one of the main role stayed in a house where Nolan Ross lived in Revenge TV series. Surely, Korean Drama had made a lot of effort just to make a decent series. Go watch it by yourself. Like, NOW!



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