I Hear Your Voice

Just finished watching I Hear Your Voice, a Korean drama (yes again! think I will watch it as a regular if it has a great story) about court and justice. I decided to watch this basically because of the main lead actor, Lee Boo Young and Lee Jong Suk. I watched her latest drama God's Gift - 14 Days before and captivated by her acting. She's such a great actor. I saw Lee Jong Suk's acting for the first time as a high school boy in School 2013 and liked it so much.

What makes me interested to watch it was because of its intriguing back story and lovely leads. Lee Bo Young played a witty, stubborn, self-centered, proud, and often rude public lawyer, Jang Hye Sung. They were not a very likeable treats, weren't they? But, actually her character did have sense of justice, have sense of care and loyalty to those who matter to her. She's also easily embarrassed that she'd like the rest of the world to think. While Lee Jong Suk played earnest, kind, caring, smart, very serious, and appealing high school boy. He kept his promises until the end. And, he had stolen my heart in his role as Park Soo Ha.

I was quite surprised by how much I liked this drama. It wasted no time in stealing my heart. Superpower that one of the lead actor had with heartwarming relationship between the leads added another points from me. Well, noona-romance won't fail me ;). It's definitely fun to watch. Couldn't stop myself from squealing a lot when seeing Soo Ha and Hye Sung together on screen. This show has successfully made me sit and watch for 2 days nonstop without stopping for almost 9 hours each day.

photos from SBS and Asian Wiki


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