Hong Kong Day 4: Feel Blessed

Soooo.. this will be the last story of my previous trip to Hong Kong. Yes, I've had only 4 days to explore Hong Kong. Yet, I feel grateful for the time I was being here. :D (psst, read the previous stories of Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 by clicking it. Enjoy!)

Facing series of fortunate and unfortunate events in Hong Kong makes me realized that I have to expect less but sense more. People say that universe shows us more when we expect less. So, in my last day of Hong Kong, I expected less. I just wanted to enjoy every second of my last day there.

We headed to Tung Chung Station to get to Tung Chung Cable Car where it would deliver us up to Ngong Ping Village. We chose to take the crystal cabin on the go to experience astonishing bird's eye view of enchanting deep blue sea and lush green mountainside underneath our feet. Though, we had a little scared inside that it might not be able to support our heavy weight. Haha. Once we're inside crystal cabin car, we could not stop holding our breath. Riding crystal cabin made me felt as if I were flying. Gazing around through its crystal glass wall gave me a whole new sensation.

The first step I made on Ngong Ping Village ground was soothing. The wind was hard soothing my face yet chilling my bones. I tighten my jacket to warm my body. We strolled around Ngong Ping Village before heading to Big Buddha. There were wide array of shops and eateries in Ngong Ping Village everywhere your eyes look. We skipped Walking with Buddha experience to save the time.

It was starting to drizzle. We had to buy plastic poncho to keep us dry. The wind also blew hard. We often staggered to our feet, swaying a little. But we kept going. The peaks of Big Buddha was shrouded in mist. I didn't think that I will face this kind of weather. Since I expected less, so I just went on.

This experience was totally new for me. Since time was a hot commodity, I just snap pictures her and there. If I could try to return a clock or a watch, I would definitely spend more times here exploring its magic atmosphere. Trying to look at every beauty scenes it offered was all I did. So, I can recall these beauty memories every time bad mood strikes me.

I couldn't say much about my last day in Hong Kong exploring Ngong Ping Village. I say I really liked it here. And I feel blessed...

P.S: Just enjoy the photos :D


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