Fated To Love You (Korean Version)

This drama is over for quite some time yet I still am not moving on. I watched it accidentally when I looked what kdrama was happening at the time. My eyes were kept by the title "Fated to Love You". Somehow the title tickled my curiosity as to what the story would be.

The female lead was Jang Na Ra (playing Mi Young). I've seen her in School 2013 and I thought she was so-so. Although she did move my heart in her scenes there. SO I did not expect her much in this new drama FTLY. While the male lead (playing Lee Gun) was someone I did not know before. It's the first time I saw him on drama.

So I know that the story was an imitating of original Taiwanese drama. I did not bother myself to watch the original version as I love kdrama much. I think this drama was good. I like a good romantic comedy. Funny in some parts, heartbreak in other parts. Mostly, I could relate to their characters. And it showed daily problems.

Mi Young's character was so pure. She could not help to always thing about others and how they felt rather than herself. She was not doing it to impress anybody. It's just in her nature. While Lee Gun's ridiculousness made me swoon over him. His gentleness in caring Mi Young was shown day by day. He was affected by her pure soul. He was drawn into her sweetness. Although at first he tried hard to deny his feelings that had fallen for Mi Young.

I like how simple yet realistic dialogues affected me. I like how Jang Nara delivers Mi Young's pure soul. I thought she did not act at all. I really believe her facial expressions and her small gestures. I like how Jang Hyuk acts as Lee Gun. I could not think of any man acting as Lee Gun but Jang Hyuk. He made me believe that he was cold, selfish, and prickly to everyone else. Moreover I could see that he was genuinely warm-hearted and responsible person. I like how he tried hard to take care of the unborn baby. He truly made Mi Young (and maybe the rest of the women in the world) that she and her unborn baby the most important people that he had to handle with gentle care. Although I was distracted by his sinister laugh at the end of his talks. Hahaha..

If you are a person who like romantic comedy, I think this drama would be perfect for you. Try for the first two episodes and you'll find your self craving for it. ;)


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