Hongkong Day 3: Life Balance

My baaaaaad for keeping this post from coming out for so long. Mind my busy schedule and procrastination side of me. :p

So, after having overload happiness in Disneyland the day before, we continued our journey on the third day. Our destination was Victoria The Peak. It was like one for all destination. We can visit Madame Tussaud, The Peak Market, The Peak Mall, and of course the best part was The Peak rooftop!

We came out from our Airbnb apartment in Jordan early so we're able to catch up all the places we would like to see on that day. We took the MTR as usual to Central Station, Exit J2. Then walked to Star Ferry Pier to catch Bus 15C which would deliver us to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus on Garden Road.

We had arrived in Star Ferry Pier at 9.15 am. While the bus 15C started to operate at 10 am. The time we knew that information made us down. For your information, we've booked our Madame Tussauds tickets online and we get 50% disc because we confirmed to enter before 11 am. But, we still were positive that we're able to enter before the ticket's time limit.

Rain fell in the mean time. I didn't know why but the rain somehow told us that something was not going right. The bus then coming at 10 am. But, it was waiting for all seated to be occupied. I kept telling myself, "it's gonna be alright" while I knew it's not. The time we arrived on Peak Tram Lower Terminus, we're quite shocked to know that the line up was craaaaaaazy. :'(

We tried to call the costumer service about the availability of our 50% disc tickets and they told us to just come up the Peak first. We lined up nervously while at the same time still crossing our fingers. The Peak Tram Lower terminus Gallery brought our tension down. It showed us pictures of old times telling Hong Kong history and its heritage since 1888 when the first Peak Tram served local visitors and overseas visitors to witness the city's changes.

Riding the Peak Tram gave us visual experience of Hong Kong Island's skyscrapers beauty sliding past the window. We felt at ease and forgot our chance of might not be able to come in Madame Tussauds. We were amazed by how the Tramcar works. It's going in 27 degrees to the horizontal. The unique waveform floor inside Tramcar is specially designed for the safety and comfort of standing passengers. We didn't get a chance to stand on our way but sitting was also giving a unique sensation as it's going up 27 degrees.

The time was ticking and we arrived in Madame Tussauds at 11.30. Not wanting to waste our tickets, I told the staff about the tickets and the reason we're late. She said that it past the time limit. I was asking her nicely if we could just come in and saw a bit because we have tried hard and we're here already. Fortunately, she let us in. Horraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! *shed tears*

We didn't waste anymore time. Once we're inside, we took as many as photos we could. To be exact, there were hundreds photos taken inside with various poses. We were just happy that after such a long journey since morning, we finally were able to see Madame Tussauds. Life is balancing itself, yes?

As soon as we finished with the famous people inside Madame Tussauds, we wandered a lot to see how awesome The Peak view was. I could not believe that I was in the highest point of Hong Kong Island. Everywhere I turned my eyes, all I see were beautiful views. The cooler air made me wanting to stay as long as I can while taking pictures as many as I can. :"D


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