Hong Kong Disneyland: Happiness Overload

People won't believe that you've been to HK unless you visit its famous attraction: Hong Kong Disneyland. Yep. Disneyland was one of my biggest reason to step my feet on Hong Kong Island. I mean, who doesn't? Even of you've lived a quarter century of life, I think most of you still have the child part inside. And that part definitely wants to be treated equally sometimes, doesn't it? ;)

So, we visited HK Disneyland on our second day.We've booked our tickets online before so we didn't have to bring so much cash. Yes, we were that scared to be robbed in a foreign country. :p But the thing is because booking online was way cheaper than buying on the spot. Moreover, we got additional 10% discounts because of being Indonesian. Fufufu...

The excitement was on since the night before. We knew that we had to sleep early yet we could not. We just kept thinking about what would happen tomorrow. The next morning, we got up early and moved our ass off the apartment as soon as we're ready. The only way to go to Disneyland was using MTR (I didn't know if there was another fastest and cheapest way to go to). Hong Kong's weather was so clean and fresh that morning. The sky was cloudy without a chance of Mr. Sun's appearance. And we felt grateful because of that. Meaning that we could enjoy Disneyland more.

 We couldn't stop showing our happy face the first time we take off from MTR. It felt like another dream came true. "WE ARE IN DISNEYLAND, FOR GOD SAKE! CAN'T YOU BELIEVE IT?" And we just could not stop snapping photos everywhere. Inside MTR, outside MTR, in front of ticket counter, main gate, and so on, and so on..

We were so excited that we wanted to try all attractions it had. We started by coming into an Art of Animation. There were many stages of animation from sketches to animated cells and maquettes. We also got a chance to see Hongkong Disneyland Band in the Main Street USA. Satisfied enough with 'behind the scene of Disney animations' and Band, we continued our journey to an exotic world of Adventureland.

In Adventureland, we queue ourselves to see Festival of The Lion King. Since Lion King was one of my best childhood movie, I was sure I wouldn't miss the musical show celebrating its movie. I was in awe seeing its amazing costumes, lively dancers, fire and acrobatics for almost 30 minutes. Don't miss this show when you're visiting Disneyland. Ever! We were so happy coming out theater.

Next stop was Jungle River Cruise and Raft to Tarzan's Tree House. Jungle River Cruise takes us on a safari to explore the waters of the jungle on a big boat adventure. It was much fun. Oh, and a little bit wet. :p We crossed the river of adventure for experiences and activities on Tarzan Island and Tarzan's Treehouse using a raft. In Tarzan's Treehouse, we could see things Tarzan used. And in the towering treehouse, we could enjoy a gorgeous view of its surrounding lands. We were so happy!

Before having a lunch, we accidentally met two awkwardly silly pirates and took a photo with them. They were quiet amazed of the mono-pod we used in taking photos. Think they have never seen tourist using this before. ;) Happy girls, indeed!

You can't bring food and drinks from outside. But don't worry, they have prepared many restaurants with various kind of food that you can choose whenever hunger strikes you. Be careful to choose according to your budget otherwise you'll be broke afterwards.

We were ready to challenge our adrenaline in Grizzly Gulch. We took Runaway Mine Car in Big Grizzly Mountain. It was the wildest ride I could imagine. You should try it by yourself and we can discuss it together later because I don't want to spoil you here. Then, I captured myself in the Wild West's Most Wanted.

As the day coming closer to the night, we walked our way to Mystic Manor. It's where we could see the precious collection of Lord Henry Mystic, an eccentric explorer and adventurer, who has traveled around the world with Albert, his monkey. We also rode his latest invention, Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage. I can say that the ride was magical and full of awesomeness. Period.

As we didn't want to leave Disneyland without experiencing its famous toys and fantasy, we headed straight to Toy Story Land and Fantasy Land. No wonder that in these two attractions you will find families visiting these attractions the most. Because the line up was quiet long, we only got a chance to try Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. It's a high-flying adventure when you fall from way up high in a simulated parachute drop. It definitely made what-so-called butterfly in a stomach every time you fall.

In Fantasy Land, we tried The Many Adventure of Winnie The Pooh and Mickey's Philharmagic. For you who enjoy Disney stories that much, you may want to see all attractions here just to remind you of your childhood memories with all Disney fantasy characters.

When the day's coming to an end, we set ourselves ready in front of of Sleeping Beauty Castle to see "Disney in The Stars" Fireworks. It was the most beautiful 20 minutes I've ever spent in my whole life. The fireworks worked like magic. It had successfully end the day in a beautiful way. And I was beyond happy. :')



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