Urgent Calling: #KoreaTrip

Every body keep asking me when did I manage to sneak away from my daily routine to give myself free time outside the country for the whole week. Well, actually it was an unplanned trip.

It was because of my Korean student who kept buzzing me with the questions when I would visit South Korea. I said I would visit South Korea on March 2015. I was planning to go on march next year. So, I've started saving since the beginning of this year. Saving was quite hard since I needed much for the airfare. I did not get any free airline tickets from Garuda because I've reached 25 last March. Sad, huh?

It was around September that I've been asked to go on October. I was jaw-dropping. I did not believe myself that I could really go that fast. Giving myself several days to think, I mustered up courage to apply the visa. I said to myself that I would really go after my visa was issued. The process of making visa was so smooth. I remembered I did not have any had time until the issue date had come. I was like the happiest girl on earth knowing that my visa was approved on the day. Kyaaaa...

The days when on in a blink. It was less than a month of preparation. I was using Korean Air because at that time, it was the cheapest non-stop flying from Jakarta to South Korea. So, there I spent my mid-term break for 8 days straight enjoying every second of dream that had come true...

*psst, I will post more stories. Stay tuned!


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