Tis The Season! (Be Late, Not!)

I am sooooo upset for not being able to see my grandma this Christmas. :( I've made a broken promise to my grandma in her special day. I don't know why this year the traffic is so unbearable. Although I know she was upset too for not having a chance to see her families as she is living by herself in Bandung.

My family decided to go to Bandung when there is less traffic jam in the highway. We're going to beat the traffic next weekend long before the new year's eve. Wish us luck!

In the mean time, let me browse for some matching outfit to wear when I see my grandma. Here are some gorgeous blouse I've browsed and they are definitely on my list. Go check check! You might want to see the gorgeous blouses for your Christmas dinner new year's eve dinner with your families. Pssst, you may end up buying one or two. Have a nice holiday youu all!


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