Intensive Dance Course 2015: Superb!

One of the best moment of dancing this year besides Lost in The Jungle would be Intensive Dance Course 2015. It was when I had a chance to learn new thing especially contemporary dancing from international choreographers (not to mention I've gained many new friends with dancing as their background). This year, I grasped new routines from former Australian Dance Theater, Adam Blanch.

The challenging part for this year was that I was fasting while attending the sessions. It was so hard because I tend to sweat a lot. I was afraid that I would be dehydrated while dancing. Me and one of my friend would feel more tired and lost much of energy during the day because of fasting. Fortunately, my motivation was so much bigger than the challenges I've had. I've managed to overcome them and tried my best to dance till the end. After all, I was able to bring out the best I had in the mini performance.

In fact, I was so happy to know that if my mind said I could do it and I believed it, I would be able to do it. And so would you. :)


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