Lost in The Jungle

Finally, one of my resolution for this year has succeeded! It was to be more productive in dancing. Last week, I have done my biggest performance in 2015 with all Speranza Dance Studio member. All the hard work we've put for the past year and half paid off. The performance was a big success. A lot of people (especially friends and families) really really love the performance. They said the story was original, the dances were amazing, the songs were great.  They were so happy to see their loved ones being on stage with enchanting costumes.

I must say, Speranza has the most unified and solid team I've worked with. It's not that we had no flaws. We had, yet we managed to lessen them and work together on how to overcome the differences. And, I'm so grateful to be a part of this team.

Since I haven't got the better version, I'm sharing you with the minimum resolution here. Gonna post more when I've got the better one. Enjoy! (Oh, I put up some of behind the scenes photos)

And here are some rehearsal photos

Photos are taken from here


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