In The Island of God, With The Dance Mates

I've never thought that traveling with my dance-floor mates would be this amazing. Special thanks to my dance guru who held her wedding reception in Bali. Because of her, we had a chance to take a break from the dancing routine and had a festive culinary sessions in the island of god: BALI!

To be funny, we arrived in Bali in several different time because we had our own work to handle before starting of our holiday. I arrived in the middle of the night when three of my friends had been enjoying beaches for the day. Thankfully, one of them was still awake so I did not have to knock the door so hard to wake her. Although it was super late, Ipenk and I still shared stories of how she had a pleasure time breathing fresh air and seeing blue seas and skies while I had a rough time managing my time to get to the airport in time. Nevertheless, we were so happy to be in the same island for that day.

In the morning I took a breakfast with Ismu while waiting Thre to arrive and for Woro and Ipenk to finish their promotional photo shoot for Lost In The Jungle poster. In the mean time, we made a list on places to visit during the day before the wedding reception. We planned to hit The Motel Mexicola and Gusto Gelato to spend our sunny Saturday. Mr. Sun accompanied our journey for the day. He seemed have no desire to spare us with a cloudy skies. That's why having mexican food, we headed to Gusto Gulato to cool down. We attended  wedding reception at night. And that we called it a day.

The next day, we woke up early (well, not really) and hit Revolver to have a breakfast. Revolver was known for its best coffee in town. That's what my friend said since I don't drink coffee. The place was packed with international tourist who happen to be curious about how the best coffee in town taste. I barely saw domestic tourists. Instead, foreigner kept loading in the small house of Revolver. I must say the breakfast was worth the money and the waiting. ;)

We really enjoyed our culinary session that day as we came to Laka Leke Hideaway restaurant right after we had a glance on Seminyak Mall. There I tasted the best crispy duck by the dry rice fields. There's a saying that, "when you are in Bali, eat crispy duck." I took that saying literally and was glad I did. Too bad the rice field was not in a good condition. We couldn't tell how full our tummy were. So we took a short trip to Bali Buda in Ubud to neutralize the food we've taken since yesterday. Bali Buda was a great place for vegetarian or people who want to taste the organic beverages. To end today's culinary sessions, we spent our last time together (err, actually it was my last time together with my dance mates since I went back with the last flight that night) watching over sunset in Jimbaran. Seafood it was!

I was so happy and grateful for spending my two days with the girls in the middle of my busy days preparing for the year end performance and parent-teacher interview at school. It was really an enjoyable memories to look back when I have a rough day in the future. Thanks, girls! :)

Photography (below) by Woro Utami

And here are some of my shots:


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