Goes To Semarang

Hello. It's been a while. Now I'm back with a story about my dancing routine. Yep, as you may know already, I like to dance. So much. To be able to dance once or twice a week is such a blessing (knowing that I live a super duper busy life everyday. I mean, who doesn't? Adding and emphasizing living as a Jakartans). So I'm trying to keep dancing as my weekly routine.

Our dance studio principal, Mrs. Jetty Maika, had released her first biography about ballet and her life at the beginning of last year. In conjunction with that, me and my dance soulmate were asked to perform and dance in the event. We danced lyrical jazz using Slow Me Down by Emmy Rossum, choreographed by Enrinia Tanod, The dance was about a person who was always chasing what she wants that she forgot how to enjoy life. When you are too busy going to work everyday, you tend to miss how beautiful the bright morning sky is, how refreshing the morning fresh air is, and how kind was the driver of public transportation you are using. Sometimes in life, we need to take a break from daily routine. So, we have time to see things in another point of view; to see what we miss because we are too busy getting to work. This dance is a reminder to slow down a bit, just like the song title, Slow Me Down.

Even though we only have 3-months to practice, we quite nailed it in the first time. Because of that, we're asked to dance again this year in Semarang (in September). Well, I've never thought in mind that dancing will give me a chance to travel (because I also loooooove to travel). Finally after almost 5 years, Speranza Dance Studio gives me a chance to dance out of my town. How awesome is that? So, off we went. To Semarang.

The experiences of dancing itself were quite the same; getting nervous before starting, greeting new people, rehearsing again and again. The difference was I had quality time with Speranza's member and a chance to explore the city with my dance soulmate afterwards. Yayness!

We knew that we had limited amount of time which was only 6 hours. So we had to make it worth every single second. We decided to rent a car and started exploring from Ungaran to see Vihara Buddhagaya Watugong. It claimed to be the tallest pagoda in Indonesia. We're amazed by how serene the place was. The weather was perfect along with a summer breeze that swirled our face. We took time to feel the moment. A moment to remember. A moment to contemplate. A moment to refresh our mind. It was such a good thing that we made it to come here.

We stopped by to Toko OEN to have a decent lunch before continuing our journey. It is one of the oldest family-owned restaurants that is still managed by the direct descendants of the founders, Mr. Oen Tjoen Hok. The food they sell are a combination of Dutch and Indonesian. So, you'll find Gado-gado along with Huzarensla, Loenpia along with Bitterballen, and Sate Ayam along with Macaroni Schotel.Writing these kind of food makes me drool already. Oops! We ordered Loenpia (for sure!), Spaghetti Aglio Olio, and OEN's Symphony Ice Cream. Yum.

We headed to Lawang Sewu and Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery before going back home. The last two places were quite amazing. We happened to see the biggest train office in the old days. Thanks to government for caring and opening it for public so people are able to see the story behind it. And for Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, I think you should pay a visit because it offers great goods to see that you'll never forget. Semarang has such an awesome places to be visited. We were so happy that we were able to witness all cool places to hang out in Semarang at such limited time. It was worth every second, and we would like to go back to do it all over again. :)


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