Currently Watching [KDrama - She Was Pretty]

I was so excited about the couple comeback in a new drama, She Was Pretty. Finally I was able to see Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum as a lover. In their previous drama, Kill He Heal Me, they were brother and sister, although they were not blood related. It was such a pain in the ass to see his one-sided love towards Jung Eum. So, I was looking for this new drama because now I can see them love each other.

This drama premise is about childhood first-love story. The girl was living a shining life as the lead character. Turns out that she is living a life more like an extra when she's adult. No body pays attention to her. While her childhood friend who was an extra because no one plays with him, now is living a shining life being the handsome, perfect guy.

I'm liking this drama because I love how Park Seo Joon breathes in the character so well. He even shows his tiny expressions in every emotion the character is having. And Hwang Jung Eum, I think I may want her to shout less. Besides that, I don't have any comment on her. :)

I did not expect the second leads would be so adorable. The two of them were cute. Sometimes I think the second lead acting skill as great as the main lead that I forgot they were supporting cast.

Overall, I give so much love to this drama. It's light and cheerful. It shows us friendship and love. It makes me smile every week. The only sad part is, it is coming to an end...


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