Dream Catcher Shop, Sanggojae, And Joseon Era

I happen to see this draft about my last post of last year trip to South Korea. Gosh, it's been one year exactly and I have not finished it yet. (fade out laugh).

So, here it goes..

My days in Korea was really coming to and end. Today was the last day. And I wanted to make it great that it would leave a footprint in my memory I will never forget. I decided to go to Bukchon to see The Heirs' Dream Catcher Shop and Sanggojae House as seen in Personal Taste (if you are a Minoz then you must be pretty much aware of the house and the shop. Ha!). At last, I went to Gyoengbokgung Palace.

Since we didn't exactly know where the dream catcher shop was, we just let our feet wandered for a while. The weather was so nice. It could boost up my mood for the whole day. I even entered accessorizes shop and happily brought along cute earrings when I exited. I bought hoettok and sausage in the street. Korean street food was like heaven. I could taste local food in a cheaper manner. Ha!

After minutes of walking, shopping, and buying miscellaneous things (read: monopod, history sweater, and a lot of cute earrings), finally I found Sanggojae and Dream Catcher Shop. Even if I knew that it was only the front door (not real inside), I still got excited knowing that Lee Min Ho oppa had sit here before in the door-stairs. Tourist were coming and so we walked again around Bukchon Hanok Village. Seeing Korean Traditional Houses made me want to try living inside for several days. I wanted to know how ancient people lived their life everyday. The Bukchon Hanok Village was beautiful. Even though the resident were showing off their house, they still managed to keep it clean and quiet. I appreciated how the tourists also exhibited their respect to the resident by showing their proper behavior.

The last place to visit is Gyoengbokgung Palace. People just called it Royal Palace. It's the largest and most famous palace of all five palaces in South Korea. It's arguably beautiful. Each building was made of wood and had colorful paintings in each wall. My favorite part was the Hyangwonjeong, or so called Pavillion. Its location was at the centered of beautiful pond. It was like an artificial island in a lake and was connected to the palace grounds by a bridge. It's an informal and private place for rest and leisure. The most interesting part was that I had a chance to see the changing of royal guards and the patrol ritual in front of the gate. The guardsmen performed several ceremonies such as the opening and closing the royal palace gate and the changing of the guard. People were so occupied with the reenactment. So was I. Until the ceremonies coming to an end.

I felt full yet empty at the same time. Full because I've seen so much while being in Korea and that I felt grateful. Empty because I was leaving Korea in no time. I felt like my heart wanted to stay longer to explore things I had not been able to. Seoul had captivated my heart in the sincerest way possible. I think I might want to go back and see what I missed to see last year.

Till I see youu again, Seoul....


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