Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Before holiday strikes, our Special Education Department managed to hold a Christmas Event for the kids. The event was simple. We arranged potluck party along with the exchange gift. And it was for all the kids, unexceptionally. Our aim was to just make something that every child could attend no matter what. So every child could feel the happiness and togetherness.

We decorated our walls with Christmas decorations. Big Santa on the door, the funny reindeers on the cupboard, an angel and Christmas tree in the corner, and ginger cookies and candies on the wall. We also made the socks-a-like-goodie-bags for the kids. We were so happy making all these decorations and goodie-bags. The results were so good made us even happier.

Seeing happy faces on our kids faces was all we wanted to see before saying goodbye to let them have a nice Christmas and new year holiday.

Well, have a merry little Christmas to those who celebrate..


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