Everlaaa laa laa laand (#KoreaTrip Day 3)

Having enough time to blend with locals, I bought Everland ticket. It was Lee Ho Joung idea to visit all theme park in Korea. Everland was one of them. Everland was quite far from Lee Ho Joung apartment. So, her mom gave us a ride. We left early with the thinking of being able to play all the rides.

Gosh, the weather was colder that day. Maybe because Everland was located in the higher area so the wind was quite strong. I've already worn out my (new) long red knitted coat on top of stripes long sleeves but I still felt cold. Haha..weaklings. Yes, I'm totally a summer person. :p (aren't I very defensive, no?)

Well, I must say Everland was the largest theme park I've ever visited so far. Everland encompassed so much land. There were so many things to do. And Lee Ho Joung had me rides those crazy rides I've never been able to ride before. Gosh! Thankfully, the T express (largest and scariest roller coaster) was under construction. Phew. Still, she made me ride Rolling X-Train, Hurricane, Columbus Adventures, and Racing Coaster. She had successfully made me entered Mystery Mansion, Spooky Fun Houses, Rotating House, and Walking Dead Square when she knew horror was never my things.

Haha, I know I'm quite old to experience all the crazy rides but I thanked her for persistently asking me to do it. I feel like if I did not take a chance to ride those crazy rides once, I would never ride them at all. And I will regret it later. :D

Besides those crazy rides, I really enjoyed the theme areas Everland offered to me. The impressive seasonal gardens at Secret Gardens, Aesop's Village, and European architectural buildings impressed me well. The feeling of being in Europe, the invasion of Jack O'Lantern surroundings, and the beautifully magical views when the sun set added a whole new level of memories. It was truly a fine Monday.

Just a little tip for you guys who want to visit Everland, research and plan carefully. You may want to leave early in the morning unless you regret it for not being able to catch all dozens of rides. ;)


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