From The Girl On The Bluff

Have you ever feel like the world goes around too fast you don't even have a chance to take a break from your daily routine? You are too exhausted yet you can't take a rest. Time is too valuable to be wasted just for resting.

I was exhausted. Yet, I could not take a rest. Instead, I took a little time to explore new places in Bandung. So I packed up my bags on Saturday morning, bought a one way travel car ticket to Bandung. I did not have any expectation but I have one destination, Ranca Upas.

Universe gave another direction. A man told me that it was not worth it exploring Ranca Upas in this kind of bad weather. It was not even worth it for the travel time. So, I changed my destination and went to Tebing Keraton.

Turned out it was good. I woke up early on Sunday morning to catch the sunrise. Unfortunately, the sun has risen the moment I stepped on Tebing Keraton. Still, the view was magnificent. Feeling like I was on the top of the world where I could see everything down there.

Tebing Keraton was cold and windy. Yet, it was refreshing. The fresh air was more than enough to clean up my lung that's already filled with too much Jakarta's air pollution. The green grass and tall trees were everywhere. They were more than enough to indulge my eyes that were always looking at the screen making student report.

I must say that 'a little break' I took for my self was worth it. Now, I feel recharged. :)


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