Elementary Memories

When I was a kid I always wonder how I would be like as an adult, what would I do as an adult, what would I wear as an adult?

Once I become an adult, I've never been able to look back and answers my question as I'm too busy spending my time being an adult. Running errands, working my ass off to pay the bills and traveling needs (and dancing needs), following fashion trends that seem always changing, thinking how long will I survive in this crazy hard world that is moving so fast I forget how to enjoy every second of it. Until an old friend invited me to join elementary group in Whatsapp and agreed to have a casual meeting...

That moment freezes my real life a bit.

I stop for a while to look back. Back when I was in elementary school year. I recalled the old memories. Memories of me being a child. Being a child that was never having a slightly thought about the world. Being a child that always seemed to enjoy playing with friends. Being a child that always expressed her emotions freely; happy, joyful, tears, sad, upset, angry, annoyed. Without having a thought of people's judgement. 

I did not know before that old memories could bring such a pleasure when I tried to trace them. We tried to trace them. We shared them together. We laughed together. We remembered some parts that had contributed in making us... now.

And that moment....brings back my old childhood friends, gives me new hopes and dreams, allows me to slow down and stop for a while to see around. 

That moment I will cherish forever..


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