Happy (belated) Birthdayy, Me!

Soooo... have your read my journeys in Hong Kong (Day 1, Day 2, Day3)? It's been so long I know, but the story of it doesn't end yet. After having such an emotional state of up and down during the day, we spent the rest of the day by................eating good food.

We visited Avenue of The Stars for the last time. I managed to eat shredded shrimp sold in the Avenue of The Stars area. It cost me HKD30 and I was so fine with it while my friends told me it was to expensive for just a shredded shrimp that tasted so so. Well, what could I said since I was happy at that time just by eating it by the river under the bright sky?

Since we had saved more by eating McD during the first day to keep or budgeting on track, we had the right to eat great local food for dinner. We chose to check in to Dim Dim Sum Specialty store which is located right in front of our Airbnb apartment in Jordan. How could we didn't know that the good food we've been searching for 3 days lied ahead in front of us? Such a shame, self!

It was Friday night. The night air was so refreshing. I was in Hong Kong with two close friends I treasure the most and the next day will be my birthdayy. You could imagine how happy I was. In addition, we were about to visit Dimdimsum Specialty Store, the most popular dim sum store in Hong Kong.

We enjoyed our night every second of it. We laughed. We talked. We ate. We laughed (again). We told stories. We drank. We laughed (again and again). It was like the time is ours. We held back time at the moment.

The happiest moment was in the middle of the night. It was when my friends took an initiative to write birthdayy greetings and wishes on the wall while I was showering. It was kinda surprise for me the time I finished showering and looked at the wall. The time when the two of them sang Happy Birthdayy song to me. I was speechless, stiffened, and teary.

Dear friends, thank youu so much for the greetings and wishes, It was memorable moment I will always remember. Thanks for being there for me. Let's have another journey together in the future! Muah.


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