These past few weeks I have wished some wishes.
I wished my wishes came true.
I really wanted them to be real.

When they are coming true,
I wish I never wish those wishes before.
Because they come true in the worst way possible.

Now I get it why people always says to be careful of what you wish for.
They may come true in any way they want unless you say it specifically.
And they may come true the way you want...with your determination.

"I want to be healthy everyday. Please remind me to eat nutritious food and drink 2 L water everyday"
"I want to be slimmer. I want to lose my appetite. That's why I have to control my lust of food without being sick"
"I want to be able to travel the world. Please remind me to save regularly. Please remind me to spend my money wisely according to my lifestyle"

I hope in the near future, my wishes will do come true the way I want them to be.


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