That Winter The Wind Blows

Should I tell you again about the plot? I think most of the people have known already about this Drama for everyone might say they shed tears while watching it. I actually didn't often shed tears while watching drama, but there were some parts where the scenes were so painful and I cried seeing how the characters delivered emotions. It was just so flawless yet beautiful at the same time. *srooooooot*

The cinematography was beyond imaginations. The scenic shots of nature made me held my breath every time it was being shown. It was like seeing a moving beautiful paintings.

I'm so amazed about Jo In Sung's capability in portraying Oh Soo, male lead character who played dark, meaningless life as a gambler. I can see that Jo In Sung became more mature and fucking hot after attending military service. Ha! While  Song Hye Kyo's capability was also unmistakeably great. She portrayed a heiress lonesome blind women who longed for her brother's care.

I like how the beginning of the series shows its dark, melancholy, tense, and dangerous part. Unfortunately the ending doesn't live up to this expectation. The end turns out to be nothing but just a pretty people with happy faces and cherry blossoms. I guessed the writer and production team had no idea what to do with all the wonderful casts at the end.

Still, I truly feels like this is worth watching. The attraction between Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo was so tender and palpable. You feel like you are bemused all the time watching it. Go go and watch!

Here are some scenes I like most:



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