Flower Boys Next Door

Just finished watching Flower Boys Next Door, and I feel I'm loved and I'm able to love myself more. *fly to the moon* Let's just write it Boys Next Door and cut the flower. I prefer handsome boys to flower boys. Yearight.

Some of you might say, "What? Reviewing korean drama again? Seriously, you? Sounds not so you.. bla bla bla..." Well, besides my korean student's influence to me I'm still me. Maybe I just change. Maybe I'm now a fan of korean drama. A selective korean drama fan. I don't watch all korean drama, though. I just watch what I want to watch at the moment. My mood plays a big role in choosing what kind of drama I'm gonna watch. It's 2014, anyways. Why not seeing good korean drama?

I decided to watch Boys Next Door merely because of Park Shin Hye. I was mesmerized by her role in The Heirs. So, I wanted to know more the roles she had played before. And it went to Boys Next Door. The first time I read Boys Next Door's synopsis, I felt like it was a light funny series which was perfect to be my holiday companion. Surprisingly, IT IS. Or, IT WAS. Err, actually I'd watched You're Beautiful and Heartstrings in which Park Shin Hye played female leading role. But, I didn't feel like into it because of the stories.

You can find Boys Next Door story on the internet, cause I'm not gonna spoil you here. I'm gonna share what I like the most about it. I must say that I like its TV series poster, Park Shin Hye role, daily life settings, and the story.

The colorful and surrounded by object-sketch TV series poster is cute. It can make everybody fall for it. Just like me. The female leading role, Park Shin Hye, plays a low self-esteem early adult woman who has bitter past during her high school year. She locks herself in her apartment in order to stay away from people. Somehow, this kind of role represents some of real teenage girls who gets bullied in high school and end up knows nothing about how to love herself. Even I can feel a lil' bit how she feels. The good part is because she is good in writing. She writes her everyday feelings and thoughts that makes me fall for her even more.

The settings is in old-cheap apartment, usual restaurant, street-hawker food stall, zoo, deserted beach, and office environment. No more redundant high-class society or wealthy families. It's daily-life society settings. On top of it, the story. I know love triangle will always be the main theme in korean drama. But, this drama defines love differently. It shows the process of how Go Dok Mi (played by Park Shin Hye), Enrique ( played by Yoon Si Yoon), Hyung Jin Rak (played by Yoo Dong Hoon), help each other to learn and find love.

All in all, Boys Next Door is flashy, silly, and cute at the same time. You may want to wish you lived in cheap-apartment where ton of cute guys are living there on the same floor as you, plus more just across the street. Oh, I wish....


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