Dream High

It was all because of my Korean student. Blame her for I like Korean Drama so much right now. Urgh, thanks anyway, kid! ;)

Well, just to spend all my time I had during holiday, I watched Dream High. Surprisingly, it wowed me because of its musical performance. I've never known any Korean drama who brought up musical theme before. So, I guess this was the first time for me watching Korean musical drama.

As a fan of musical thingy, I am always tempted to see musical performance: theater, dancing, or singing. But, don't get me wrong. I don't really like boy band nor girl band. I just like to see their dancing moves and costumes. Ha!

I enjoyed watching Dream High. It reminds me a lil' bit about my high school years when I did enjoy myself being in theater club, acting out some roles and my uni years when I did ballroom dancing even took part in an international competitions. Ah, those years when I was younger, free, and had so much energy. *feels like I'm old*

Kim Soo Hyun's acting was great. He delivered emotion greatly. And he could really sing. Han Eum Jeung's acting successfully made me hate her in the beginning but made me pity her even more in the end. I fall for Taecyoen merely because of his great body. Bae Suzy's acting was not interesting for me as she was being a pretty girl who was loved by two guys. But, I must tell you that her voice was as good as IU. I like IU's acting because she was being a fat girl who pursued her love till the end. Moreover, IU's voice was the best among all of them. Oh, I forgot about Wooyoong. Haha.. I think he acted out as Jason was additional cuteness (not to mention his love life with IU).

There were scenes that made my tears came out especially when Soo Hyun was devastated knowing his dysfunctional ear that made her half deaf. There were also unimportant scenes that didn't matter if you deleted it from the episodes. Overall, it's worth to watch in your spare time when you don't have anything to do besides being a couch potato. ;)



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