Master's Sun

My brain has been occupied by new Korean Drama entitled Master's Sun since my Korean Student introduced me two weeks ago. I must say I'm not a Korean Drama big fans. I like watching any tv series, from thriller to romance, from comedy to psychological. Just without any horror part in it. I hate anything related with horror. Horror stories or movies make me hardly sleep at night because my mental images are going wild when it comes to interpreting horror literally. :p

When Alice told me about this new Korean Drama, I was like excited because So Ji Sub was one of the main actor. I'm keeping a crush on him since 2004 when I watched Korean Drama What Happen in Bali. I know I was so young back then, but my eyes couldn't go wrong in identifying good looking actor. Hahaha.. So, I was eager to see it.... until Alice said that there were ghosts in this drama. I was like...... WWWHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT???

Excitement then went in to hesitation. I was so afraid I would see ghosts and they would stuck in my mental images like before. I was afraid I couldn't sleep well at night. I was afraid that myself wouldn't be able to function well the first time I saw the ghost. Although I was afraid, Alice kept pushing me to watch. She was being my company in watching Master's Sun for the very first time.

At first, I always kept my eyes closed and covered my face with hand every time the ghosts came up. As the episodes went away, I kinda enjoyed the plot, the settings, even more the actors. I like Tae Gong Shill, a girl who can see ghosts after her accident that made her into 'sleeping' mode for almost 3 years. When she finally wake up, not only things human could see but also ghosts came up in her vision. She's been hiding in cheap places, tried so hard to work well and ignored the visions. Yet, she can't hide when she already makes the first eye contact with ghosts as they keep chasing her until she does what they want her to do. Creepy, no? It's not Korean Drama if there is no the man who plays as her hero. There is Joo Jong Woon, a CEO of biggest mall who are so greedy and arrogant. He then meets Tae Gong Shill..and the stories begin........

The drama is still ongoing in Korea. I watch it through as they give online streaming according to the real schedule in Korea. Curious enough to know? Go and see it yourself cause I will not share you the story no more... :) 


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