Thoughts Garden

Currently reading This is NOT a Book by Keri Smith has made me realized how ideas can pop up anytime, anywhere, in any state of mind if you get the right stimulus. I mean, your brain can respond well if it gets right stimulus. Like those that are inside Keri Smith This is NOT a Book.

You'll be amazed every time you navigate your way through the following pages. In every page you turn, you'll find yourself voluntarily do what it says. Every pages hypnotized you in a good way that you don't even dare to complain but directly do it (or at least find the right time to do it).

I'm opening the page in which it says Thought Garden. It says that I may plant my ideas here. Since it's a free garden, I'm planting several ideas related traveling and self-development. I have so many places to visit this year, yet I have so little time to make time to go there. It hurts my eyes so much that I can't tick an empty boxes right next to the places list. Huffness..

I hope writing down all the places I want to go will make universe help me to make it or give me right motivation to make it true. :)


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