Sunday Morning Line Ups

Goooooosh! I've been abandoned this blog for two months straight. Apologize. :( Time passed by too fast these past two months. I was busy preparing for the new semester, was quite tired in Ramadan month, and was looking for inspiration on what to write (err...not really). But, I'm back now. And I promise myself (oh, I always promise myself and in the end I always break it, *sigh*) to blog more. Yep!

So, this post is actually an old post that I intended to write before I went back to school. This has been hanging in draft folder for one and a half month without me having intention to make this finish and go public. So, leggo!

As you know, I live by myself in de-kost during week days. I come home usually (but not regularly) on week ends. So, when I'm at home, there are several things I usually do (but not regularly, *yes again* hahahaha). Here's the lists:

1. Wake up and do morning pray
2. Put on my running shoes and run (if I'm not in my energy-saving mode)
3. Buy or make breakfast
4. Watch cartoon while eating breakfast
5. Wait for my brother to do cats-shower (yes, cats-shower is my fav hahahaha)
6. Do cats-shower (did I tell you it's my fav?)
7. Play along with cats (my everlasting fav)
8. Still playing with cats
9. Feed cats (my top priority fav)
10. Play again with cats until the end of the day

I think you must have guessed that I'm a cat lover for I love playing with my cats. Fortunately, your guessing was correct. I'm a cat cat cat cat cat lover. I love cats. I love cat because it's small, hairy, having cute face and sound.

I know I'm newbie when it comes to loving cats. I haven't had a cat nor kitten until I started to live by myself in de-kost. At that time, the owner (of my kost) found abandoned-dirty little kitten who looked pale and needed food. So, the owner started to take it as a pet. They feed it, they showered it, they played along with it, even they talked (?) to it. I know at that time I thought they might have been crazy for loving a pet like that. They even didn't buy it in pet-store.

I wasn't close enough to the cat (as a pet). I mean I never feed it, never played along with, even nor showered (how should I?). Until one day. The day when I was studying in my room with an open door. It came by. It looked hesitantly in front of my door. I looked at it, too. Basically, we just looked (or stared) at each other for seconds. Then, I felt like it was asking my permission to come in to my room. I didn't know exactly how but I thought I could see it was asking through its face. That moment I knew that I felt in love with cat.

I started to play along, feed, and showered it. It made my day happier. Even when I was down, I just played along and sometimes looked or talked to it. I knew my burden would go lighter. Hihi.. I don't know if such things happen in other people or not. But, I felt it. I still feel it now.

At home sometimes there were cats who just came by. I knew they were asking for food. So, I gave them. I told my mom and brothers to feed the cats. At first they were unwilling to feed, and gave bad treatment to dirty little cats. Until I got mad and tell them that I would buy the cat food and said if you hate cats, please just leave it or ignore it. You don't have to do bad things to them. They're living things just like us who need food and survive in this world. Thank God they understand. As time goes by, they started to love cat just like me. They play along with them and feed them. They ask me to shower it, still. Hahaha...

The first year we have cats as a pet, we lose some of them. We didn't know how to take care them when they were sick. We were too late to bring them to the vet. So, they died. My mom cried knowing some died. I barely spoke. And my brothers just kept silent during that time. But now, we promised to take a good care of them. We continually (although not regularly) bring the rest of them to pet, feed with good food, shower, and give comfortable place to live. Hope they live long and happy..

In memoriam:
I definitely miss you guys. But I know now that you are in a great place and hand. :*


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