My Special Kids

I feel grateful to be working with special kids for almost three years now. Three years that has been my very emotionally ups and downs. These past three years, not only I handled special kids but also I handled my self. Being the only daughter at home has quite made me a person who couldn't be opposed before. I felt like people at home should've done what I wanted them to do, or should've allowed me to do what I wanted to do. If they didn't, I could get cranky and angry right in front of them.

Well, it was me years ago. Me before I met special kids. I learned many good things from them especially patience and taking respect in the process. That all things we want or do can come easily. That all things need process to get the (good) result. And in the process, we are allowed to try various kind of way to find which one's the best one to get us there.

Thank you, sweet heart. Thank you my special kids. Even though you hardly speak, you have a big good heart where I can learn all the good things in life. :')


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