The Unspoken Love of Rectoverso

I know I'm super late for just watched Rectoverso: Cinta Yang Tak Terucap today. Well, being a special teacher makes my daily life even busier. So, when I found out the DVD in the store, I would not miss it for the second chance. :p

Since today is my first time being a free woman for the following month, I don't waste any free time I have by watching Rectoverso. Gosh, I've been waiting for this time. You know, siesta in the noon, watch all movies I missed, (of course) eat anything anytime, and yeah have less-liability to shower twice a day. *grimace*

This Indonesian Movie is actually based on the book by Dee, Rectoverso. It tells about five different stories which has similar theme, L O V E, with five different female movie-director from each stories. I must say that they have their own way in directing each stories which makes it quite interesting.

1. Firasat
Premonition. What can you tell me about premonition? For me, I haven't had such a premonition about something that about to happen. Never. This story shows me that there are people who are given such an ability to know things that are going to happen through (some may say) a dream. A bad one. At some point, even when you've tried your best to tell people about your preminition, somehow you just can't stop its occurence. And somehow someway, you don't know whether it's addressed to certain people or it's actually a sign for yourself. I'm enjoying this story as it gives me much philosophies about human relationship with nature.

2. Cicak di Dinding
At first I kept wondering where the story leads since the story itself tells me nothing about the character. Until I know that life at the first sight can be deceiving. Still, you can't control who you will fall in love with. Everybody will face their first time in everything; first day of school, first time travel, first kiss.. This story tells me that your first time doing something at first can be very intoxicated and meaningful for you yet in the end it's not working the way you hope before.

3. Curhat Buat Sahabat
Take friends for granted is the message I get after I finish understanding the story. You throw up all your stories to them, ask them to escort you shopping, even have them sincerely take care of you when you sick without whining. Yet, you keep taking them for granted like you own them forever, like they will stay beside you forever, like you even take a good care of them in return. In fact, sometimes you just take them for granted.

4. Hanya Isyarat
Have you ever been hiding your feeling away from whom you adore much? Even worst, cause you can only see his back. You never know his eye-color. You know nothing about his past. Yet, you are closed to him cause you two are travelling together along with some friends. Until one night, one of your travel mates asked all of you to share the saddest story you've ever dealt with and the one with the saddest will come up the winner. The winner then can ask anyone to do whatever s/he wants him/her to do. The stories change everything. You know his eye-color then, you also know why he can't take your love as he didn't search for love in life. But, at last knowing his eye-color is more than enough for you. And that's what matters.

5. Malaikat Juga Tahu
I cried my heart out seeing this story went by. It's about a special needs person who had fallen for a girl. But in the end, the girl couldn't just take and give her love back. The way the actor played is devastating my heart. As I know dealing with special needs people is not that easy. For someone with special needs sometimes will not hardly understand our life the way normal people usually do. They can understand, just need longer time and the process to understand is quite a hard time for them. To be care and be next to him everytime he faces hard times are the only things we could do to comfort him.


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