Super-dee-Duper Song

As I finished meeting with the parents talking about how their kids have improved, I let my self drown in planning what to do during summer holiday. Actually, second week of holiday had been booked to attend Intensive Dance Course with Stephen Tanos and Sarah Boulter from So You Think You Can Dance Australia (I know, right?) and the rest of the weeks will be Ramadhan in which I couldn't let my self do anything that will cost my fasting. So, I'm open up to any meetings, heart-talkings, sight-seeings, or even just strolling around. :p

For me, June always be a merry, cheerful, vibrant month of all in a year. I've always had some unusual thoughts to be done if only my mom let me to do. Well, never mind. I won't let that thought (of not getting mom's permission) to ruin the meaning of having this month in my arms. I'll definitely find some things (fun) to do. On top of it, I'll let this month's cheerfulness works on my mind and soul the whole month just like how the Super dee Duper Song from Barney works on my mood every time I heard it. Like magic. :)


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