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You know how big my love is for shoes? Big enough that I couldn't stop buying it until I broke myself. I know I have been such an impulsive shoes buyer for the past two years. You know, earning money yourself can harm your wallet in fact.

My love for shoes doesn't change. I love shoes, still. Even better now that I can think clearly what shoes should I buy according to what I need daily, weekly, monthly, even annually. I just can help myself seeing these babies just sit on my shoe rack. I know these babies would love to go for a stroll and seize the day with the new owner. :)

So, if you just wanna help me by being a new owner for these babies I'll be so happy. Contact me through twitter @misselectraa or email ve_qimoet@yahoo.com

To be considered:

  • All shoes here are sale
  • All shoes here are used once or twice
  • All shoes here are in a good condition
  • All shoes here are fixed price

1. Alice Black from UP Shoes
Size 42

2. Nina Denim from UP Shoes
Size 42

3. Aira Multicolor from UP Shoes
Size 42


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