Clay Statements!

To those who a fan of ceramics, I'm pretty sure you'll love coming to F. Widayanto Ceramics Gallery in Tanah Baru, Beji-Depok, Indonesia. F. Widayanto is one of a successful ceramics craftsman from Indonesia. Apparently, my special kids and I were having excursion there to experience clay-making. So, I'm gonna reveal things we were doing there. ;)

The first time I stepped on his place, I smelled a fresh of green grass and saw a calming wooden house. You can feel you are somewhere in a village. Refreshing and calming at the same time. I followed the rock path and ended up seeing a semi-indoor waiting room where there were several traditional bamboo-made chair surrounds the table. You could also see many signs written in Bahasa telling us to keep everything as clean as possible. Guess this house could be awarded the cleanest and the most luxuriant place in my mind. :P

We walked up to the clay-making studio and start hearing the explanations. They said it was quite easy to make as long as you follow the steps given. We were allowed to choose any template to make. Wide range of animals, numbers, flowers, even angry birds template were ready to be picked. Guess what my two special kids picked? Yes, angry birds and some animals like dinosaur, turtle, and elephant. Easy to guess, no?

They gave us medium-sized clay dough to be put on the template we've already chose. The kids were then asked to press as hard as they could. The clay dough must be put in the template flawlessly. Fissures were not allowed as they would lead to rift in burnt-out time. Rift would just make ceramics imperfect. And nobody wanted imperfect ceramics. So, yeah they would just go to waste.

Done changing all the clay dough into several form of angry birds and animals, we let the staffs taken care our forms. The staffs then showed us the ceramics gallery, F Widayanto's unique yet cozy house where also a home for many kinds of ceramics. The best part for me of course visiting his house. I was amazed and dazzled at the same by how he worked on those ceramics in his house that makes his more like a museum than a house, yet it still felt cozy to be inside of it.




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