Lombok in Between

I know I should've written something on my report, but I just couldn't help my self to not write all Lombok experiences. So, please don't let my boss read this, no? :p

During my holiday in Lombok (which divided into three parts, A Day in Jeeva Klui, We Love Gili Trawangan, and Exploring South Lombok with Novotel), guess I miss the parts what we did in between.

Leaving Jeeva Klui, we headed north-west to Bangsal Harbour. On our way there, we stopped by Malimbu Top, took several pictires, and continued our journey. The taxi driver was quite a helper for taking pictures of us. He happened to tell a story about someone who hit a pet cow or pet sheep and had to pay big amount of cash as a retribution for the pet he hit. The amount of cash was bigger than the cash he need to repair his motorbike. We couldn't stop giggling. Lombok is surely hard for the amateur motorcyclist. So, be careful to not hit somebody's pet. :)

On the way back from Gili Trawangan, we rented a private car to make us easier exploring Lombok. We went to Ampenan to find the famous traditional local dish, Ayam Taliwang. he led us to one of a kind restaurant. Ayam (kampoeng) Taliwang was good. It was spicy and tasty but met my expectation regarding the taste. Then, we went to Pottery Art in Banyumulek. We were impressed by the pottery artist who made all kind of things from clay. They showed beautiful and creative artistry. What amazed me next was the traditional Sasak Village in Desa Sade. The people there was still held their tradition and passed it on to their next generation so it wouldn't be vanished. From the guide, we knew that women kind there made woven fabric, handmade bracelets, necklace, and key chain for a living while men folks planted hay and rice for a living. The guide said they were local who unfortunately didn't have proper education, yet they did a house hold labor division.

I learned many life lessons here. When we try hard to make something for a living, we surely miss a life. The idea of having a little escape from my hectic-noisy life was a right decision. :')


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