A Day In Jeeva Klui

At the end of last March, I got a week off. I didn't know before where to go until I found the cheapest ticket of best service on-board quality, Garuda Indonesia. I had only to pay IDR 753k (return) to visit Lombok. I know, right? ;)

My travel mates and I have been discussing about where we should stay on the first night we arrive in Lombok. We did a little research yet we came to no agreements. None of the places we found matched our expectations. Either the locations were too far away or the rates were so high I could break my wallet.

When Siske (one of my travel mate) said to give Jeeva Klui a try, I had no idea what and where that was. I searched to find out about Jeeva Klui. Wow-wee! What a surprise for me to see the photos of Jeeva Klui on the web. I could see that there was such a traditional look of Lombok architecture with wildly green view.

Siske has been working in a hotel for years so she knows the difference between good and best hotel. Jeeva Klui is amongst the best, she told us. After several considerations, we agreed to stay there upon our arrival time in Lombok.

I can tell you nothing but it’s a perfect paradise to die for staying just one night here in Jeeva Klui. The staffs were super friendly and helpful. We got a complimentary drink and towel once we touched down the front desk. While Siske did a pep talks with the staffs, Nanda and I were too busy sight-seeing. I was in awe to the interior design they had. Wow! We knew we agreed to something good, even better. 

Our plan was simple; to do nothing but relax and enjoy the moment we had here. What would you do when you got a quite huge room for three with wooden-like decoration perfectly matched the local style? Not to mention the outside-feel-like-in-the-jungle-shower-room there was inside the room. Oh, and the bed was too good to be slept on. We were like being in heaven on earth.

The night before we slept, we had chit-chats in our little yet cozy veranda. Could you imagine that we did stargazing, too? The sky was so full of stars we couldn’t count and the wind was telling us the summer breeze was about to come early.

The next morning, we had breakfast in The Waroeng that face the swimming pool and the beach. The morning sky was as good as the night sky. The food was great, too. We did spend our time in a library that has several traditional games, like karambol and otello. 

I know Jeeva Klui takes a lot of money. But, that’s why you work your ass off to give you a damn heaven on earth treatment to yourself, yes? It is TOTALLY a must stay hotel when you visit Lombok. J




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