Exploring South Lombok With Novotel

After visiting Jeeva Klui and Gili Trawangan, we headed south to explore Lombok with Novotel. novotel was located in Kuta beach, Lombok. This was our (my) first time visiting Novotel Lombok. We arrived in Novotel at 3 p.m. We were given a cool yet refreshing melon juice as a welcome drink. Well, it was sooooo refreshing considering the weather was very hot. Thought the sun had been showing off its power to us all day long. and we're running out of sweat. no kidding. :p

The Novotel grounds were magnificent! It was like a combination of Aztec-print. Little trails meanders, statues, and tress were everywhere. Everywhere you looked, you could definitely see something.

We booked for a normal standard room rate. Unfortunately at that time, all standard room was fully booked. We shocked assuming we would not get a chance to stay there. Thanks the staffs who were so helpful and professional in dealing this kind of situation. You know what? They gave us another bigger, more private room for the inconvenience we had regarding this matter. So, we went to Sasak Villa with One Bedroom. We were sooooooo happy! And we didin't have to pay any additional bills for that. Yes, miracle continued to happen! :')

We stayed for two nights in this room. It was not only comforting, lovely, and quiet, but also spotlessly clean. The bath room had rainwater shower. We had our own veranda and bales (green umbrella-looked awning along with laying-sun chair). We were enjoying every second we spent there. We even just spent our first night watching cable while our butt were sticking to to bed. We had dinner from Vue Restaurant that night.

Novotel gave daily free activities to join, such as visiting the beach market, cooking class, yoga, and more. I was interested in visisting Tanjung Aan Beach the next day. So, I persuaded my friends to join me. Hihi..

The next morning, we ate breakfast at Spice Market Restaurant. I must say the food here was quite standard without any signature dish or specialties. We walked down the beach afterwards. I could see incredibly beautiful beach down there. The beach view was relaxing. There were also contant parade of local people (mostly kids) selling coconuts and handmade bracelets. They were quite insisting us to buy the coconuts and bracelets although we've already said no. Anyway, they were just trying to make for a living. So, we bought a coconut and several handmade bracelets. :)

The staffs dropped us in Tanjung Aan beach in teh afternoon. They would pick us up again in 3 hours. Tanjung Aan beach was way better! There were lots of bamboo shady bales on the beach. Only few people came here, so it was like another private beach for us, We cooled off there, took bunch of photos, and ate seafood in the nearby warung named Warung Turtle.

We explored the beach a lil bit more and found out that behind a big rock there was another hidden beach. The hidden beach view was stunning! The way to go to the hidden beach was a quite a challenge. It was a bit of scramble across rocks and slippery. It was great fun, though. We stroke tons of poses over the rock. Mwihihi..

Going back to the hotel, we rested a bit, then we hit the pool. There were 2 pools. Both pools were great. We tried them out. We loved upside pool more because we could see the beach view clearly, and of course the sunset better.

Overall, we loved our stay in Novotel Lombok. We loved the beach view, the sand, the hotel room, the ambience, and the food. It's recommended for those who want to escape from a hectic-noisy cities life.

My tips:

  1. Stay only in the hotel as it has all facilities and five star service
  2. Order food from Vue Restaurant. The western dishes are the best!
  3. Try to catch sunset on the hotel beach


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