The Wedding Madness

At this kind of age, getting a bunch of wedding invitation is irresistible. Unless your heart and emotion are in stable condition, you’ll get easily attacked by ‘galauness’. Haha.. Yes, I’m speaking for myself actually. :p

I have been attending many weddings. Some are my relatives. Some are my friends. I have been in charge for being a bridesmaid, too. These experiences have made me aware of how complicated a marriage is. You know, you are not only uniting two hearts but also merging two families. And for me, that’s quite a challenge.

I think love and be loved only is not enough to be in the marriage life. There are some values need to be considered, such as trust, responsibility, keeping words, caring, understanding, and respect. As for me, it will be difficult to make a marriage work without having those values. :) 

Well, I still salute them who are able to step into a marriage life. They who are at or even younger my age are married. And I can see their happy faces shine. They have such courage to risk their young and free life into more responsible marriage life. They have such bravery to dedicate their life raising a child and being a parent. 

I may not have such courage and bravery yet now. I’m pretty much aware that I am in a state of being independent leader in my life. Not that I don’t want to get married. It’s just that I’m not ready yet. I’m not ready to enter such a challenging phase. For now, I’m just going to observe and learn as much as possible to prepare myself. Hope I’d be ready when it’s time. Aamiin!


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