Here I am: 2013

Been reading my 2012 resolutions post, and ended up......rewriting what I hadn't been achieved last year. Hehe..

Honestly, I could only do half of my resolutions list. Well, actually there were only few lists I could've done and achieved. But never mind. I'm kinda proud of myself for being able to achieved them through hard work, patience, and persistent. Not to mention about passing ups and downs so many times. :p

2012 has been the toughest year ever in my life. I’ve faced hard times, dealt with friend, family and work problems, and learned how to let go. Not to make it more dramatic that we’re safe from Mayan's the end of the world due date. Hihi..

Life is interesting, though. When I feel sad first, I feel happy in the end. When there is laugh, there is cry. Everything seems like in balance. Even if I say last year I faced so many problems. In the end, I got a fun relaxing (and should I say quiet mystical) holiday.

Lesson I learned from 2012: just have a faith in what you do believe, cause IT will take you somewhere near your expectation. Cheers! :)

Living well and beautifully and justly are all one thing. ~Socrates


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