The First January Trip

I’ve been spending my Christmas and New Year’s holiday in my Grandma’s house in Bandung. The plan was simple; to spend more time with grandma in peace. In fact, I spontaneously got away several days to Cirebon and Lembang. I’m sorry grandma for…for leaving you a bit. Oopsiie. :p

I gotta say that this first trip at the beginning of 2013 was quite mystical yet surprisingly fun and unpredictable. Mystical? Yes, for having a pilgrimage to Sunan Gunung Jati Sanctuary. Well, I was just following my cousin back then. Later I knew the place was so popular and many people came there just to see and pray. Surprisingly fun? Sure, for having culinary sessions. Finally I could eat the well-known Empal Gentong, Nasi Jamblang, and Nasi Lengi (?). They were typical food from Cirebon. Unpredictable? Of course, for spontaneously going to Lembang and Tangkuban Perahu the day after I got back to my grandma’s house from Cirebon. Mwihi!

This trip should open my mind a bit about exploring every inches of Indonesia. So many places in Indonesia that are more amazing than any other cities around the world. And, I should be proud living in such a beautiful country. :)



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